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word, revisited....KICKS OFF on March 9th!

Image Join us on March 9th, for the kick-off of the revamped spoken word and open mic program- word, revisited , featuring Michele Jones Galvin. Michele Jones Galvin decided to use the early months of 2017 to move through a mental and spiritual period of reflection and renewal. Many of us make similar resolutions; however, Michele’s thirty plus year career in public service and community activism suggests that she will be on point and purposely pursue her path to accomplish her goal.  As Michele ventures towards reinventing herself with a fresh view of intriguing possibilities in this new year, each of us has the potential to do the same. Michele shares, “I know public speaking will be a big part of that.” Michele shares her th oughts about her creative non-fiction book, co-authored with her Mom, Joyce E. Jones.  "The work is based on genealogical research and our family ties to Harriet Ross Tubman, G