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Become a social justice warrior and not just a bystander

It is interesting that aaduna has not established a theme for submitters to write to since its beginnings in 2011. Even as global situations are intriguing for a thematic-based issue, we prefer not to go down that road. As a global, multicultural platform dedicated to giving global people of color and other creatives a viable online publication venue for the sharing of their intriguing ideas and creative work, we rather let you decide and submit your work driven by themes you elect.
We understand that like other influencers, social issues may drive an idea that becomes manifested as a poem, story, essay, or visual art.  And for some of us, direct action takes precedence over preparing a creative work at least in the moment we find ourselves in and the situation that drives our passion(s.)
Since I am driven to pursue social justice issues as a person and chairperson of Auburn, NY’s Harriet Tubman Center for Justice and Peace, I am sensitive to local, national, as well as  global issues t…