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When is enough, enough?

When you start using the phrase, “The same old, same old.”
What was once exciting, “like forever,” now bores you.
When you tire of those things that use to give you pleasure and joy
The people, situations, taking care of the needs of others,
Societal cultural ignorance and the stupidity of the educated.
The way the new normal, regardless of stated change, really stays the same.
Enough is enough when disappointments tip the scale towards indifference.
When “the revolution will not be televised”
And when being jaded defines your personality.


Obama-Care came about because
Obama cared.


Hope the person who
gave Trump the nuclear code
had dyslexia


The Karmic Scale of Life

If you own a chicken and you provide
even the thinnest
layer of chicken wire
between that chicken
and the world
you have changed
the course of history
and gained yourself
great rewards on the 
karmic scale of life

If you have a child and you provide
even the slightest
amount of affection
between that child
and the world
you have altered
that child…