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Summer, Summer (sung to the Mamas and Poppas "Monday, Monday")

u Cayuga Lake - one of the NY State Fingerlakes in the region Besides the days of rain that has cast an overall ambiance to my living space in the global community, the summer is casting its eminence over the vegetable garden, butterfly bushes, annual gardens and its perennial cousins.  The Japanese beetle invasion appears to be weaker this year and I am on beetle watch every 90 minutes to protect our rose bushes.  But all of this is just an aversion from what is my daily task. THE SUMMER ISSUE IS BEING PREPPED RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.  Contributing editors are reading and editing.  I thank contributing editors Ogene, Havens and Blake and those others who like to exist behind the curtain and in the shade.  So, here is the deal:  I am getting excited over the uniqueness of the contributing voices that will frame the summer issue and how they represent our worldwide, multicultural perspective.  So, take a moment from your routine and just enjoy a few the photos that Lisa Bren