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An aaduna/Olive Trees Update

Developed in the summer of 1984 as the newsletter  Re-connection Revelation , the publication sought to keep the members of a disbanded theatre company in contact with each other.  Two years later, the name was changed to Olive Trees and opened to the general public for submissions.  Currently, there are subscribers in 20 states.  Around 2002-03, one of the publisher's colleagues, who conducted poetry workshops at the Auburn Correctional Facility, convinced him to publish a special issue featuring the work of Auburn inmates.  Since then, the print edition keeps three pages available for incorporating the poetry of inmates statewide.  Needless to say, Olive Trees  is available at most correctional facilities in NYS.  It is commendable that for a few decades, that publication has developed and maintained a diverse and wide audience of submitters and readers.  I am arranging to meet with the publisher, Ron Van Nostrand, later this week or next.  aaduna's mission states, It will