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Dance, Dance, Dance...

We all have other personalities.   Our public, and then private personas immediately come to mind.   As you know, we probably present one or more of these identities at appropriate times to deal with particular environments or situations.   More importantly, these visages enable us to explore other dimensions of ourselves without distraction and possibly unnecessary comment.   Veronica Ramos (aaduna’s web designer) toils at other endeavors in addition to graphic design, illustration, and crafting web sites.   Under her stage name Utopia, she will make her professional deejay debut at Crave Lounge, 429 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY on February 26.   The affair, a Celebration of Life , will be from 5 PM – 5 AM, and there are other deejays that will play.   Utopia will open the event and play her set until 6:30 PM.   If you are in the area, support her.   There is no admission charged from 5 -7 PM.   However, be prepared, house and classic club music will prevail, and aficionados of thos

Web Site Update

If you ever followed the construction of any structure, you know there are several phases where each phase forms the foundation for the next level of building.  Well, the infrastructure is set (and that will be fine tuned prior to launch), and we are now placing the work in the appropriate sections of the journal.  Veronica Ramos (Indigo Graphics and Design) with strong support from Lisa Brennan is working feverishly to create a visually impressive site that supports and enhances the words that aaduna will present, as well as craft the environment that will host  the images  exhibited.  On that front, there will be three distinct exhibition spaces: The Kuta Gallery, Borders Gallery, and the Penalver Gallery.  I am still building collaborative partnerships, and managing administrative functions, but I'll save sharing the mundane stuff for after the launch.  Back to work.        

Did You Have a Good Weekend?

In celebration of the NAACP’s 102 Anniversary, as well as African American History Month, the local Auburn chapter hosted a Saturday afternoon celebration of 22 distinguished African Americans who made significant contributions to the City of Auburn and Cayuga County .   Hosted by chapter president, Eliezer Hernandez ( aaduna Board of Advisor member), the event recognized a diverse group of individuals including Sean McLeod, a member of the aaduna Board.   With an impromptu invitation to speak specifically about aaduna , I made remarks that the audience embraced since the aaduna Call flyer was in the hands of most attendees during the reception.   I also had the opportunity to talk to a few attendees about their writing, and encouraged several people to submit.    Later Saturday evening, I saw a rousing, joyous, and uplifting theatrical production presented by the Auburn High School Musical Club.   aaduna supported the cast and crew of All Shook Up , inspired by and featuring the