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The Wait is Almost Over

For the past few weeks, aaduna presented poets whose words and imagery were woven into poetic statements for your enjoyment and reflection.    In the Second Anniversary issue, you will experience other poets: Christine Green, Cyd Charisse Fulton, Jamar Ogletree, Christopher Shapard and Mariah Krochmal in addition to the poets whose works were shared with you over the past few weeks.  Joining the featured poets in the anniversary issue will be fiction writers Ronal d Gauthier and Lindsey Ferrentino, who is best known for her plays.  Timothy Ogene 's essay addressing how spoken word is best transferred to a print format will take center spotlight in the non-fiction genre.  Two of the galleries will be closed until the summer issue and the open one will enable you to experience the rawness and unedited vibrancy of "spoken word."  We hope you enjoy the upcoming issu e, la u nching shortly! We also encourage you to support our efforts with a contribution to help of

Is Life Better Without Poetry?

You already know that April is National Poetry Month.  You also know that aaduna uses this month to celebrate the poets who will grace the Second Anniversary issue.   A person who can answer our question without thought or mico-seconds of hesitancy is  Lyn Lifshin .   Enjoy this poem and watch for her additional work in aaduna's upcoming issu e! THE CELTIC   BIRD GODDESS' WILD SONG you'll see me in Celtic jewels, in tapestries, carvings. I'm there in the most gorgeous leaves, echoes of my feathers are in the swirl of rivers. When you hear the beauty of wings, what I touched is touched again. I run with the horse goddess, with the swans, the bull, those women, half women, half ghostly bird, a reminder of strength and courage. You will find me in your dreams some night it begins to snow just after a full moon, my feathers on your deck the first night impatiens wilt in the freeze. Just let what has been closed in you open to feeling

National Poetry Month: Watch out for Kelly Grace Thomas

You will be captivated with the words of Kelly Grace Thomas and how she weaves poignant stories with subtle boldness sprinkled with nuances of myriad emotions.  Here is an excerpt from one of her poems that will grace the Second Anniversary issue. Unfinished Ode By Kelly Grace Thomas I meant to write you a poem. To dedicate lines and rhythms, secrets and whispers, to every memory that makes me compare perfection to all the other days. To know that cracks in fences reveal more than just a glimpse and that when you drew the sun, I thought we were really the center of the universe. I hold these moments in my cabinets, under beds and pressed between the pages of books. Waiting for them to waltz again with the innocence they once honored. Or perhaps they will slowly fade, like a photo taken out of focus, forgotten before finished. Finish reading Kelly's "Unfinished Ode" in a few weeks along with  "Shame on You" and "Cha