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Desi is not necessarily Desi when it involves aaduna and National Poetry Month

Desi or more formally Desiree is not the Desi more formally known as Desiderio who played the husband (Ricky) of Lucy Ricardo in the situation comedy series, “I Love Lucy.”

Desi St. Amant is a poet whose poems of power and enlightenment will generate reflection, understanding, and appreciation for the things in life that many of us take for granted.
Here is a teaser from her soon to be released poem, “Every Spring”

With each winter comes a shedding
a sort of forgetting
of the year’s growth, labored through love.
The pained drop of each
shriveled leaf from this grand tree—
a quiet, steady loss of
a once effortless strength—
piles on the ground, baring a
collection of affections that have since gone dry.

It stands, determined, with its exposed branches stark
against the pale, chilled sky,
for absolution amidst the rain.

Read the rest of “Every Spring” along with two of her other works, “Sunrise Villas” and “Half and Half” in the soon to be released spring 2015 issue of aaduna.

Desiree St.…