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aaduna in exile 2021-2022 - Frazier

  Five on the Black Hand Side If you are African American or a dear friend of someone Black or even a close, trusted ally, you may understand the phrase, “Five on the Black Hand Side.”   As a publisher of a literary journal, I have some familiarity with the use of racial/cultural/ethnic language and how African Americans have especially used English, which was not the original language of our ancestors to understand how to communicate with other Black folk within the dominant, and all too often pervasive racially motivated ruling class. A majority class fermented in a fear of revolt and uprisings emboldened by an inadequacy of an inclusive spirit and humane sensitivity.   The “Five” phraseology has always been an integral part of Black history, culture and manifested in a variety of ways especially what we have now call “the Obama bump.” Quite frankly, you can research Black language history since that is not my primary intent with this posting.   Understandably, there are nume