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Here is your weekend good time and helping others in the process!

So maybe you forgot to make that reservation for a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner and now you are out of luck. You did not want to re-do the chocolate box or flowers that you have done year after year. Maybe you are just looking to have a good time with friends or a partner and have run out of interesting ideas. Well… You can “Jump, Jive and Wail.” Join local musicians, dancers and a narrator and explore a period of American music when people routinely went out to see and dance to big bands and jazz combos who were creating the hippest, wildest sounds that were captivating the American music scene. At Auburn Public Theater tonight at 7 PM and tomorrow afternoon (Mother’s Day) at 3 PM, you can “party” and dance in your seat (and maybe even the aisles) to raging live music, exciting vocalists and dancers who can teach you how to really move!   Have a different Mother’s Day festivity, plus, the proceeds benefit the First Love Minis