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Let's take a break....for now.

Conversations have been a big hit since those chats enable you, aaduna's readership and supporters, to have a more in depth sense of our contributors' background and interests.   For this season, we have two more writers to present, Quiana Katamu and Eloísa Pérez-Lozano. After a break this week [to further work on the pending anniversary issue,] we will get back on the "good foot" as James Brown inspired us to do back in the day. So taking the position that presenting unrelated pics will motivate some of you to pick up your camera and shoot, here are a few photos that may inspire you. We say "Take photographs!" Howland Stone Store Museum, Aurora, NY  Photographer, Lisa Brennan (c) 2016 "Tree"  Photographer, Lisa Brennan (c) 2016 "Swan at Lake Eola, Orlando, FL" Photographer Lisa Brennan (c) 2016 "Paint Horse," Photographer, Lisa Brennan (c) 2016 Oh, for those of you who have followed the "h