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As with most situations in the complexities of life, it is time to plant a new foundation.

  Raw. Intriguing. Not Censured. Reflective. Captivating…and more. The next issue of aaduna will be available in the coming weeks. The fall/winter 2021-22 journal will be in “exile” and situated on, a process continues how the last issue was sited. The current presentation platform can no longer support ten years of content, art, and photos; plus, the site has been hijacked and hacked twice (the latest by digital rogues who could not be globally located.) So… After several months of strategic discussion, in January 2022 we will start the design concepts, formatting and getting the new site functioning for unveiling in fall 2022. As with most human endeavors, the ongoing pandemic continues to have an impact especially for a volunteer-driven operation. So… Check out “aadunanotes” whenever you can. Contributors for the next issue will be announced in December. Get ready.     <><><>   aaduna   -  an online adventure with wor