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aaduna notes welcomes Guest Blogger, David H. Roche

I was asked to talk about the art I create so here goes. I’ve been writing poetry since 1970.   My first material was published in the ‘ Nickel Review’ - in that year.   My writing has changed a lot since then as might be expected.   I do not take myself all that seriously with regard to art.   I just consider it fun. I took up photography several years ago quite by accident and realized that I enjoyed it immensely. It took a while to try and make art from simple snapshots.   With the aid of software I taught myself how to manipulate photographs and to turn them into something that does not resemble what the original photograph represented. My approach to this I consider to be based on the philosophy of the ‘Tao’.   I approach the original image with the idea that it contains   an infinity of possibilities in much the same way the ‘empty bowl’ is always the reservoir of unlimited possibilities.   Buddhist principles related to ‘ emptiness’   and ‘interdependence’ also inform me

aaduna Galleries Now Open, Today, Friday, June 17th

The Borders Gallery presents “Solitude: Regardless of Season” Lisa A. Brennan June 17 – October 2, 2011 The Penalver Gallery presents “Spring Break in the Republic of China” Kai Adwoa-Thomas June 17 – October 2, 2011 Both galleries are accessible in the current issue of aaduna Visit CHECK OUT DAVID ROCHE'S GUEST BLOG TOMORROW

David H. Roche Guest Blogs this Saturday, June 18th

David's artwork graced the Home Page of the Winter/Premier issue of aaduna back in February, and he also provided a video and photographs for two of the galleries.  He shares who he is as an artist and how he creates in his guest blog this Saturday. 

This Past Weekend...I guess it is now over...

While there was not sufficient time to vigorously promote aaduna, the personal time in Washington , DC , Alexandria , and Arlington , VA was festive and celebratory.   Mrs. Theresa (Penalver) Berry, Happy 90th Birthday Mom! My Mom, Theresa Berry , celebrated her 90 th Birth Day on Friday.   She was feted at a lunch and dinner on her Birth Day in Arlington .   Lisa and Cheryl Isis, Veronica, Allen The family luncheon at Indigo Landing Restaurant in Alexandria on Saturday had her surrounded by two of her five grandchildren (Isis [my daughter] and Chanelle [Cheryl's daughter]), three of her children (Veronica and her partner Allen, Cheryl, and myself and my wife, Lisa), as well as a close family friend, Valerie.   The after party continued at her home in Arlington with card games, conversation, and general good cheer.   On Sunday morning, Mrs. B had the opportunity to visit Arlington National Cemetery where her husband of over 52 years is buried.   That event a