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aaduna is poised to make exquisite merriment!

There are many people who define the change of seasons based on a variety of life factors and shifts in the local environment, and not necessarily what a calendar date may dictate. (Think of the recent scientific discovery regarding horoscopes and the zodiac! Boy, did that announcement shake your world, change how you perceived yourself?!) 

While aaduna continues to dance to its own beat; sway to pulsing multi-cultural literary and artistic rhythms, and strut its distinctive stuff down its own diverse path, announcing issue contributors is a sublime pleasure, and an activity that is not taken for granted! With that said, we proudly announce fall 2016 issue contributors:

Poetry contributors are

Patricia Roth Schwartz, Waterloo, New York

Sneha Sundaram, Jersey City, New Jersey

Jonathan Beale, Surrey, United Kingdom

Zacqueline Baldwin-Sease, Syracuse, New York

Karen Faris, Rochester, New York

Sarah Frances Moran, …