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Scholar, Writer, Poet…writer

We may be familiar with lawyers who have become noted and famous writers.  And I am sure there are physicians, other professionals, and career folk who transition their love of “the word” to a plateau where they share their literary creativity with the public.  There are also young people, devoid of formal academic training, who deliver a refreshing and invigorating fiction or poetic voice that makes us sit back and marvel at their creative visions.  And there are scholars whose long-standing position in higher education have enabled them to bring a level of astute scholarship and critical publications that advance knowledge even if their writing appeal is best revered by university colleagues and others interested in a specific academic discipline.  At aaduna, we have always taken pride in the fact that our contributors cannot be defined and pigeon-holed into one arena of creativity.  Their diversity of imagination often flows across several realms of creative thought and thema

Double…Two…2…Twice…one immediately after the other

Double, a word that is multi-hued with many dimensions.  It’s grammatical landscape and nuanced personality can exist as an adjective, predeterminer, adverb, noun, pronoun, verb (transitive or intransitive – remember those terms from high school,) or used in idioms or verb phrases.  Double, “having some essential part or feature twice…,” “twice as large, heavy, strong.” Now, we may know the phrase “double down,” [especially as a component of the current American presidential race] that means to become more tenacious, zealous or resolute.  We may forget or not know the original use of “double down,” which is a singular feature of the card game, Blackjack.  No matter how you approach “double” its essence connotes more than once, twice as strong, tenacious and resolute, double.  Persecution Avenue (photo provided)  It is in these contexts that we present excerpts from the fiction work of Persecution Avenue , a prior aaduna contributor.  His words flow.  His short stories,

Double Trouble redefined and re-imagined…aaduna style!

OK, admit to it.  You have probably used the term “double trouble” to refer to bad news, difficult situations or unpleasant experiences.  Not only has the sky fallen but it has fallen twice! The “woe” is raining down on you, not once but as a repeat occurrence to your chagrin.  I suspect you get what I am saying so let’s move on. Did you know that in 1976, Elvis Presley did a film called “Double Trouble,” and a song titled “Double Trouble” was in the movie, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?”  If you are an aaduna blog follower, you know we routinely use the phrase, “So what has this to do with aaduna ?”  Hang on.  I am getting there. In the field of behavioral health, Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR) takes the term to a level that is somewhat reflective of what aaduna is about.  DTR is “the fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with one another so that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover…”  We under