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Why Stop Now?

I n a time where there are more questions than legitimate answers, we persevere. We struggle to make sense of the senseless. We latch onto hope in the face of hopelessness. We want intelligent leadership minus the sporadic, indecisive, disorganized national governmental promises with its inherent lack of planned and consistent action. Local communities, regions, and nation states are in the grips of a health crisis, a pandemic. Where is the worldwide uniform "call to arms?" How is the global citizenry rallied to combat what some refer to as a "war?" Global society needs effective strategic mechanisms put in place to slow down the projected deaths of world citizens. There needs to be more genuine remorse and empathy instead of distancing from the governed by those who are elected to govern. And yet, local communities still struggle for needed resources while faith in national governments start to wane.  W hy stop now? aad