Coming back at ya this month!

During this time of upheaval and worry,
gentleness and kindness,
facts and falsehoods.

Embracing unsung heroes who represent the richness and palette of American diversity.

Ordinary folks stepping up and going beyond expectations; showing a strength of character and resolve in the face of adversity and danger;
becoming the richness of textures and extolling the bravery to traverse the unknown regions of nature and science.

Chaos or certainty.

Liars or storytellers.

Fools or poets.

Fake news or the nuances of Art.

And it is in this milieu, this moment in time, aaduna will bring the richness of textures…the vibrancy of words and images, the dynamism of creative voices and the spirit of imagination in photos, paintings, and multi-media frameworks to your cultural spirit...

Especially during this time of unparalleled crisis.

aaduna is proud to introduce Laurinda Lind, a northern New York State resident who will kick-off the promotions for aaduna's 2020 double issue scheduled for launch at the end of April. 

Laurinda Lind [Photo provided]

Ms. Lind will bring three poems to aaduna’s 2020 double issue. Not to spoil your eventual read, we are compelled to share one of her works, “Tanka.”


if the spacemen come

let’s hope they bring their passports

so they don’t die in cages

before immigration cops

send them back to space

Laurinda will be graciously joined by other creatives who will be introduced to you over the next several days. 

Stay creative,


* * * * *

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