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This is how he does it…!

Does what? When? How? Where? To whom? Check out Ernest Williamson III’s Conversation.   Right HERE: The answers await…. Ernest Williamson III, PhD (photo provided) aaduna-Inc  Visit regularly for updates ! @aadunaspeaks

Unique people make-up aaduna…

"The Classical Dancer," artist, Ernest Williamson III PhD From submitters to contributors to staff to the readership, the aaduna community is comprised of people who go above and beyond, and continuously strive for being excellent in what they do.  This week, The Conversation series continues with another individual who exemplifies what is becoming the aaduna standard. Starting on Thursday, February 26 th , you will get to know Ernest Williamson III. Conversations are more than just talk.   Check out the chat with Dr. Williamson and see for yourself starting on Thursday, February 26th through to March 5th. In the meantime, enjoy Ernest's artwork currently featured in The Borders Gallery of aaduna's current issue: aaduna-Inc  Visit regularly for updates ! @aadunaspeaks