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Blessed magic happens when one renowned poet reviews the work of another poet whose voice and words are intriguing pathways to self-knowledge, understanding and reflection.

In this the season of rebirth, renewal, and celebration, it is more than appropriate to share creative work that can enhance our spirit and broaden our understanding of the dynamics of life.   Alleys are Filled with Future Alphabets by Gopal Lahiri ·          ISBN:  97881945865 ·          Publishers: Rubric Publishing, Noida, UP, India ·          Length: 137 ·          Price:   Rs275/ $25   Bilingual Bengali and English poet and writer, Gopal Lahiri’s latest book, Alleys are Filled with Future Alphabets is a striking collection of 102 poems divided in to seven sections. Each section is carefully crafted with poems that seem to be walking towards the reader, urging one to engage with myriad possibilities, filling the alleys with one’s own present and future alphabets, or holding the hand of the author as he engages and negotiates through various spoken and unspoken alleys. Approaching this review differently, I am sharing below some of the poems and lines therein fo