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aaduna + Arbor Day = Trees!

aaduna’s publisher, bill berry, jr., and visual arts editor, Lisa A. Brennan, joined with staff of the Seward House Museum and Dr. Walt Aikman, leader and the champion of Auburn’s “Grow Your Trees” organization in the planting of a new hickory tree in Seward Park adjacent to the museum to commemorate Arbor Day 2014 on the evening of May 2, 2014. Dr. Walt Aikman, Billye Chabot, Executive Director, Seward House Museum  In a brief ceremony in the museum and outside at the planting, Dr. Aikman explained the importance of trees to the earth’s survival and vitality while Billye Chabot, executive director of the Seward House put tree planting into an historical context as it relates to the legacy of William H. Seward, Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State and former Governor of New York State. We encourage you to work with your community to plant and grow trees.  aaduna recommends and supports this type of community/neighborhood initiative! Dr Walt Aikman, bi

While we are not professional basketball…

aaduna  will continue to stand, as an organization and literary journal that provides access, opportunity, and equitable platforms for all emerging and established creative people so they can fulfill their potential regardless of societal labels or categorization. It really is that simple. “aaduna si dofa rey” – “The world is huge.”

Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you are connected, aaduna travels with you!

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