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It’s Gonna Be Nuthin’ But a Party…Partee!

aadunawill launch in the next several days bursting with dynamic voices and stories to tell through poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Visual artists will punctuate the issue with photographs, paintings and a new art pathway that recaptures the past and thrusts it into a new future.Eight poets, fourteen writers and three visual artists will compel you to reflect, remember and embrace the complexity and wholeness of life in its diverse and challenging iterations.Here are a few peeks from Robert Bharda who resides in Bellevue, Washington, USA; Nada Odeh, a Syrian born artist and writer currently living in Camillus, New York and Dr. Miriam Edelson from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
"I Am Syria," artist, Nada Odeh (c)
*** Here are the opening paragraphs to Dr. Edelson’s “ Automatic Pilot.”“Get me out of here! Now!” She cried out each time I arrived at the non-descript institutional doorway. Her dementia had progressed with cruel force and she needed the 24-hour care we could no longer…

Intersecting worlds…culture, social justice, volunteerism = a more embracing welcoming society

As I listen to “Legend, the best of Bob Marley and the Wailers….” Now playing, “Redemption Song.”

aaduna is a multicultural literary and visual arts journal, recognizing, valuing, promoting, and presenting the diversity of voices it all its iterations and flavas, as well as the creative imagery from the intriguing groundswell permeating the global community. With a mission to provide a publication platform for voices that are not routinely heard and visual work not typically seen, this online journal continues to provide a pathway for people of color, other traditionally denied folks, emerging and already recognized creatives in getting their work to an expanding world-wide public. It started in 2011. It continues today.With that mindset,aadunawill not turn away from issues that challenge social justice or strategic actions that seek equity in all phases of human endeavor. Through the “aadunanotes,” there will always be a platform and outlet for creatives who might want to share their …