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Curtain-Up…the encore

  For the past few weeks, we have presented and teased readers with blurbs and excerpts for the forthcoming spring issue. We have even hinted at closure of these promo verbs. Well, as we all know, there are times when surprises are welcome and enjoyed. In that spirit, we present two poetry creatives whose work will grace the spring issue:   Kiel M. Gregory (photo provided) Kiel M. Gregory will have four poems in the issue, and here is the opening to: Shopping Cart Asks Me How I Feel   Some of my friends haven’t written since we’ve all been alone in our respective homes, and they tell me they’re scared they’re not writers anymore. I’m just glad they’re alive to tell me of their fears. I tell them watching porn and reading fiction and drawing stick figures are all productive activities.   Y ou will have to wait to read “ Chemically Induced for Intubation ,” and “A Heard.”   *** Howard Nelson (photo provided) Howard Nelson is a sta

Headz-Up! The malaise is evaporating.

  Yesterday was spent hanging with the family of one of our daughters’ including two grands (son, 3½ and daughter, 14 months.) After a two-hour road trip, parents, grands, and children enjoyed an al fresco lunch in the backyard followed by short car trip for ice cream (opening day of Uncle G’s Ice Cream in Pendleton, NY) and then a walk along the Erie Canal. We have not seen this part of the family since November last year...even longer for fam in Brooklyn, NY, and the son in Hawaii (duh!?.) The youngest daughter is one city block away and we get to see her often in our “bubble.”   So, the “publishing slump,” is dissipating and starting tomorrow for the next several days, we will start to compile, format, layout, proofread, and publish the spring aaduna 2021 issue.   It is coming….And we will be quite pleased when it is finally launched.   <><><><>   The  aaduna  spring  issue   will  be launching  soon !   aaduna   -  an online adventure with words and im