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We talk...we listen...we express ourselves through words.

  Featured artist, Ron VanNostrand with his band, The Flock of Free Range Children, performed at The Carriage House Theater on March 23rd at The Cayuga Museum, as part of the "Word, Revisited" literary program. Words form our existence with each other, and shape those thoughts in our mind when we quietly speak to ourselves. Words are our conversational dialogue as we navigate our life, and more importantly, words provide our structural foundation when we create images and platforms to mold and manifest our creative ideas.      It is then fitting that we celebrate words especially as expressed in poetry, fiction, dramatic works, and especially as lyrics to a musical composition.  Poetry formed Smokey Robinson’s songs and have built the foundations for many songwriters.  And last night, Ron VanNostrand used words as a poet and lyricist to mesmerize “ word, revisited ” participants who were transported to levels of personal exuberance and embraceable life memori

Poetry! Celebrate the genre. Write it. Share It. Speak it. Support it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 is World Poetry Day. aaduna recognizes this significant day by celebrating with a March 2017 penned poem by Isis Arias Clermont, who resides in Brooklyn, New York, USA. HER She enamors me  Wraps me up in her bales of laughter Rolling over me in curls of light  Climbing over my anxieties to be great and stomping out sadness  when it comes to call  "Smile? Are you happy? Smile!" Squeezes held tight  Long whispers of hold me  Don't go  Stay with me  Her not knowing I will never leave her side Will always be there to hold her Always a solid support Love is an understatement  Hearts exploded when she appeared  Bright eyes  Soft smiles  Her smell simply enchanting  Creating an insatiable need to protect and care for  She has no idea the effect she has on others  The world lays down at her feet   Simply because she chooses to walk upon it  And her greatness has yet to show itself  Soon