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Two for One....Gauthier

Here are two short takes from Ronald Gauthier’s stories in aaduna’s Second Anniversary 2013 Issue available NOW at Ronald Gauthier #1 THE TEENAGER AND THE DYER BILL…      “The sisters did what black women were forced to do then when negresses pulled the bodies of their men from smoldering ashes with the stench of death in the air. Or, when they had to cut the charred, thick rope from around their men’s necks as the men swayed from trees. Or when their husbands, sons and lovers were bullet-riddled and heaped on the blood-caked ground. These women washed too many black men in tender loving care and prepared their prematurely dead sons, fathers, and husbands for burial. They assumed the burden of making a life for the surviving family members. They prayed and taught the men in their clan to be careful, not to cross the racial line; to bow and apologize, grovel and even beg, all to stay alive. The women in Richard’s life, his mother and aunt, had