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aaduna welcomes back with open arms…

a fine poet whose work “starts, builds up, and ends unhindered by clichéd metaphors”.With three new poems to grace our pages, this poet garnered attention and praise when we published her work in aaduna's summer 2013 issue.

We are pleased to present once again, Bobbie Panek.

In the forthcoming fall-winter 2014 issue, Bobbie will share poems that will fill you with eloquent reminisces, dollops of love and caring, and sublime enchantment.

Ms. Panek, who resides in Auburn, NY, has participated in numerous poetry readings around central and western New York and currently writes blogs for the Cayuga [County] Tourism Office.

In the upcoming aaduna issue, a treat will be her photo that compliments one of her poems: “Millennium in the Sea of Cortez.”

We graciously welcome back Bobbie Panek!

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Where the heck is Shakopee?

Well for the uninformed, it is in Minnesota and you should google it for more geographical information.I only know where it is because one of the featured poets in the fall-winter 2014 issue resides in that city.Once my colleagues and I read her poems, I just had to know how a place that was not on my radar screen or known via aaduna’s breadth of reach could produce a poet whose work overflowed with poignancy, focus, narrative control, and command of her craft.Oh, I have not mentioned her name yet…oops.It is

Jennifer Wolfe.

And I suspect you will enjoy her work; just knowing the titles can make you anxious to read her work:

“The Moon I,”


“To The Men and Women in the 3rd Ring of the 7th Circle of Hell”

So, I now know where Shakopee is…thank youJennifer!

The fall-winter 2014 issue is coming in early 2015...we just have to be difficult with our timeframes...sometimes...we just want to keep you on your toes! Have a great New Year's Eve and year! 

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