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Goodman kicks-off the 2017 season of “Conversation.” bill berry is excited for the readers!

  Daniel Ross Goodman (photo provided) Daniel Ross Goodman ,  a fall 2016 contributor with his work, “Prélude àl'après-midi d'un rhinoplastie: or, When the Rabbi Went for a Nose Job ” took the time to have a chat with aaduna’s publisher, bill berry, jr. and berry thinks the “ conversation ” will please readers, and entice them to further develop and shape their own creative mindset. Plus, this talk gets readers ready for the "blurbs" to come promoting the summer 2017 issue. August will be a busy month! While “Conversations” was in hiatus, the Goodman talk resumes this ongoing, popular feature since readers, as well as other writers/poets/visual artists, get a glimpse of the contributor and his/her worldview and perspectives on life. Here is the direct link to the Goodman/berry “conversation” and enjoy their chat!  *   *   * aaduna   - a timeless exploration into words