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Our Collective Appreciation, Thanks, and Applause

With the aplomb that she is noted for, last evening, Patricia Roth Schwartz took her “word,revisited” audience, who came to the Carriage House Theater, Cayuga Museum of History & Art, on an enchanting poetic journey that took flight with birds; re-captured memories of childhood times in West Virginia; the intrigue and dynamic creativity of incarcerated men in the Auburn Correctional Facility; the intricacies and adventures of loving someone, and the racial turmoil of past and present times, as well as matters of citizen resistance. All in one reading!

Schwartz, a prolific published poet, writer, raconteur, and writing workshop leader, presented a gracious evening of words that soared, rested, and resumed its journey of emboldening the imagination of participants. During her Q&A with sublime grace, she bantered about her life and evolution of becoming a poet, and her adventures as a student with other noted “celebrities.” {Next time you see her, ask her about Checkers, the fam…