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Our Collective Appreciation, Thanks, and Applause

With the aplomb that she is noted for, last evening, Patricia Roth Schwartz took her “ word,revisited ” audience, who came to the Carriage House Theater , Cayuga Museum of History & Art , on an enchanting poetic journey that took flight with birds; re-captured memories of childhood times in West Virginia; the intrigue and dynamic creativity of incarcerated men in the Auburn Correctional Facility; the intricacies and adventures of loving someone, and the racial turmoil of past and present times, as well as matters of citizen resistance. All in one reading! Schwartz, a prolific published poet, writer, raconteur, and writing workshop leader, presented a gracious evening of words that soared, rested, and resumed its journey of emboldening the imagination of participants. During her Q&A with sublime grace, she bantered about her life and evolution of becoming a poet, and her adventures as a student with other noted “celebrities.” {Next time you see her, ask her about Check