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"Powerfully Compassionate Beyond Ordinary Human Behavior"

  As a child, we dream of worlds not yet imagined, of heroines and heroes, of monsters and fantastical feats of power and agility. Then we grow up.     And we continue to still dream of things that “go bump in the night,” of fantasies and frightening episodes that are replayed in our dream sleep, of accomplishments and achievements, of new worlds waiting for us to explore, of experiences anticipated or already realized, of sheroes and other characters cloaked in real-life or conjecture.   Tamara J. Madison’s recent work, “Threed, This Road Not Damascus” conjures worlds and experiences that are routinely landscaped in dreams and moments of free association. Her powerful use of words, phrases and themes take us to places that we have yet to imagine. To places that prompts us to ponder, reflect and embrace. Her poetic compilation enables the readers to travel back in time and re-imagine a world that was never experienced but after reading her work, fully understood.   Segmented i

“Oh, What A Night!”

  The Dalai Java Cafe , Canandaigua, NY Yeah, what a night! When words and music and conversation around superb food injected in the mix come together to create an intriguing evening of sharing and camaraderie. Finally, the monthly first Thursday in-house “Sea of Coffee Open Mic’ series resumed after an absence due to Covid-19 restrictions.   Convened at The Dalai Java  located at 157 S. Main Street in Canandaigua featured two readers, ryki zuckerman and me combined with several open mic contributors. The evening was grand!   ryki weaved poetic themes and words drenched in poignant sensibilities fueled by a rich wit that created avenues for thoughtful remembrances and reflections that will pleasantly haunt listeners for days to come. For those who know me, I “spat forth” work drenched in social justice occurrences as I continued my thinking that creatives are, in essence, cultural workers who have the unique ability to not only shape hope and aspirations but can enable folks to que

A new column devoted entirely to poetry!!

Anita Nahal, PhD, CDP aaduna introduces a new readership pathway to learning, comprehending, and embracing diverse dynamics of the poetic tradition. Dr. Anita Nahal, poet, writer and professor who has several publications will bring her knowledge, commitment and understanding of the poetic genre to a thrice yearly column in the journal titled “Poetry Imagined & Reimagined.”  As an additional feature, "aadunanotes," the official aaduna blog, will present three distinct articles between issues.  All in all, Nahal will present six articles/year that should keep aspiring and established poets engaged with her and each other. Her regular columns will showcase and discuss poems, styles, content, and contextual underpinnings by poets from all over the world. You can be a part of this new, creative, explorative initiative! Read her voice below and more about her at: Anita states, “I love poetry, the gist of which everyone can under