A new column devoted entirely to poetry!!

aaduna contributing editor Anita Nahal PhD

Anita Nahal, PhD, CDP

aaduna introduces a new readership pathway to learning, comprehending, and embracing diverse dynamics of the poetic tradition. Dr. Anita Nahal, poet, writer and professor who has several publications will bring her knowledge, commitment and understanding of the poetic genre to a thrice yearly column in the journal titled “Poetry Imagined & Reimagined.”  As an additional feature, "aadunanotes," the official aaduna blog, will present three distinct articles between issues.  All in all, Nahal will present six articles/year that should keep aspiring and established poets engaged with her and each other. Her regular columns will showcase and discuss poems, styles, content, and contextual underpinnings by poets from all over the world. You can be a part of this new, creative, explorative initiative!

Read her voice below and more about her at:  https://anitanahal.wixsite.com/anitanahal

Anita states, “I love poetry, the gist of which everyone can understand, with simple language and words so I don’t have to turn to a dictionary too often. I also love poetry that has a twist, that makes me ponder but not too abstract that I am totally lost. And finally, I love poetry that is edgy, driven and has a powerful message. I don’t read poetry that encourages bias, bigotry, racism, sexism, ageism, or any other isms.” Anita is particularly interested in poems that explore the gamut of human emotions, realities from myriad perspectives, and the subtleties, complexities, and innumerable layers that are specific to your life, culture, region or country.

So, send  what you think is your best to Anita at anpriya87@gmail.com. Previously published poems can be sent, however, please include some new ones as well. Please provide credit for prior publications on the same page as the poem. Send no more than three poems at a given time, and each poem to be no longer than twenty lines. Each poem to be on a separate page. A short bio of about 150 words to be included in the same document as the poems, towards the beginning. Make sure you also include your picture in JPEG. Prose poems, free verse, haiku, spoken word, rhyme, etc., all are welcome. Also, visual representations through paintings, drawings, and pictures embedded in the poetry page are also welcome. If poets are interested, they may be asked to do audio or video readings of their selected poems to be showcased in the column.

Make sure you provide your full name, current email, contact address and telephone number(s) on the cover page so Anita can reach you if there is need for any clarifications or a discussion that can be used to enrich your poetry in her column.

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