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Oh What A Night

While it is now several days later, I can still feel how the words cascaded over my being; swept me up in a torrent of phrases and thoughts; exposed me to the power of imagery and creativity through literary genres, empowered me to ponder my place in sentences, paragraphs, stanzas, commas, and more. Oh What A Night. As the music, the Blues, inspired me to conjure up the raw beauty of life rich in experiences, nuances, emotions, expressions, and self-discovery. I skipped through half and quarter notes, rode the beat, tapped my feet. Oh What A Night Of musical history and its impact as the words carried the image and sound catapulted the words to levels of understanding and feeling my mind expand with knowledge of musical legends. Of red dresses, powerful women, horseflies and a bluesman just trying to get to work.  Of dragons and fable, of subtle words riding gracefully atop the fun and perils of childhood.  Of Harlem and gentle phrases evolving and weaving

Making June 2017 even more special.

Many of us cannot wait for June’s arrival.  We anticipate.  Look forward. Make plans.  So, let’s get real.  June marks the end of school, the start of summer, warm sunny days and romps along sandy beaches.  Wine tours and summer concerts.  Al fresco dining.  Graduation parties and weddings.  June also means engaging literary events especially in the Central New York region.  With funding support from Poets & Writers through NYSCA, aaduna contributor and long standing esteemed poet and writer, Patricia Roth Schwartz will participate in readings, as well as conduct workshops to inspire and broaden our creative instincts.  If you live in the region or plan to visit, we encourage you to put the following events on your “to do” calendar: Friday, June 23, 7-9 pm: “Exploring History Through Writing:” a reading by Patricia Roth Schwartz from her book, The Crows of Copper John: a History of Auburn Prison in Poems (FootHills), followed by Q&A and Open Mic; you must at