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"See, Observe, Think, Reflect, Internalize," Photography by Collette V. Fournier

  "See, Observe, Think, Reflect, Internalize" Photography Exhibition  by  Collette V. Fournier Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 On view through June 11, 2022 Rockland Center for the Arts {}{}{}{} It parallels: "Charles White: Influences Emerson Gallery Rockland Center for the Arts  27 S Greenbush Road West Nyack, New York 10994 OPENING RECEPTION:   Saturday, April 2nd, 2:00-5:00 pm On Thursday, May 19th, 7:00-8:00 pm  A Virtual Talk Will Be Held Online "In Search of My African American Roots"  with Collette V. Fournier  Collette V. Fournier (image on file) Collette V. Fournier's work has been exhibited in previous issues of  aaduna .  <><><> aaduna   -  an online adventure with words and images  - a globally read, multi-cultural, and diverse online literary and visual arts journal established in 2010.   Help us build community!   Share with your friends,  "like" our  Aaduna-Inc  facebook page and follow us on twitter  @ aadunaspeaks  !  

aaduna in exile 2021-2022 - Crawford

  The Eyes See What The Eyes Want To See   Or maybe, the eyes see what the brain programs those organs to see.   Or maybe, emotions at the time, memories, recent life occurrences influence and frames what the eyes sees.   Visual Arts routinely bring forth a diverse and wide range of visions, which is probably why one person does not see what another person does. Why one person is critical of a visual image when another praises its complexity and “vision.”   Now, there is the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. That a single visual image can convey a broad range of words into the singularity of one image’s power.   While such an esoteric debate can instigate numerous opinions, aaduna stands on the platform that the person looking at an image determines its value and significance to her/him. However, this is what we know and where we stand. * * *  William Crawford and Charlie Hahn are visionaries. Their photographic collaboration conveys a depth of e