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Navigating the heart: a journey marked by pseudo-political correctness, inclusion, misplaced ideology, and misdirection. This ain’t “Pokémon Go.”

The “rope-a-dope,” the baseball player’s ball hidden in the glove to pick off someone on a base, inflated or deflated footballs, doping…throughout human endeavors there have been and continue to be sleight of hands trickery, nefarious schemes to cheat or win influence, or just hiding behind the concept that “all is fair in….” While one national political party convention presented a dark assessment of America; cautionary warnings of dire straits ahead, and the only solution being a righteous return to the “good old days” under a single leader who will re-position the country on the right track, the other meeting is approaching closure projecting a different, somewhat Ronald Reagan influenced portrayal of where America is at this point in time. The "one left standing" national political gathering now sits at a supposedly “common ‘unified’ table,” and continues to be impacted by thunderous and repetitive external misconceptions addressing the meeting's political corre

On the meaning of being multi-talented…

For some of us, talent may rest in the genes or be “god-given.”  But for the majority of us, finding our talent is developed through recognition, nurturing, hard work, commitment, perseverance, and dedication that eventually culminate in rewards that enrich our spirit and brings joy to others who we may never meet or get to know.  Rachael Ikins (Photo Provided) As I reflect on accomplishment, my mind goes into overdrive and I come to a fast stop on one particular name, Rachael Ikins , poet, writer artist, author, mentor.  This Saturday, July 30 th from 1 to 3 PM at Auburn, NY’s Downtown Books and Coffee ( ,) the store will host the book release and launch party for Rachael’s young adult novel, “Totems: Tales from the Edge of the Woods.” It is worth noting that this affair may be “the first book event for a young adult novel…at the store.” Totems , an imaginative YA fantasy filled with characters “such as a bear wizard named Ambergris and M