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Short Takes…Sheila Applegate…The Time Is Now

In each of us, there is a special place where we isolate our center being… a place where we hope to find inner peace and tranquil safety.  This is the place where forces that are beyond our control quietly influence and guide us and bring forth our intuition and sense of purpose.  As we get ready to celebrate a new year, I ask you to go to your inner place and reflect on this past year and all that you have achieved.  And hope you truly welcome a new year with a wide embrace, a joyful heart, love, and many expectations for a bright future.  My colleagues and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed new year. 

In this particular season, it is timely that Sheila Applegate’s book, Enchanted One, The Portal to Love is being released.   aaduna published excerpts from the then unpublished manuscript in its spring 2011 issue.  So, as can be expected, we take some pride in announcing that the book is now available for ordering.  While every book eventually finds it audience, En…

As you celebrate...

this Holiday Season of Chanukah/Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the Feast of the Three Kings in whatever way you choose, please know that aaduna wishes its contributors (those talented writers, poets and visual artists,) Board of Directors, readers, supporters and followers a Season that is graced by joy, blessings and wonderful festivities.

As we move towards the end of 2012's twelve month cycle and welcome in a new year, my colleagues and I hope that each of you find tranquility for the soul, purpose and determination for the spirit and discover unexpected surprises to nourish your overall being. 



bill berry talks with Timothy Ogene

Check out the Timothy Ogene at bill berry’s E-View Points.CLICK HERE

Tim’s poetry premiered in the summer 2012 issue of aaduna.Here is one of his poems from that issue:

Nostalgia (For Kru town, Liberia)

I’ve only been away for two days – but I already miss kru-town
and the multiplicity of simplicity it offers;
the serenity and slow pace of existence;
the quietness of being in touch with untouched quietness;

The chaotic scream of street kids yelling at nothing in particular,
the combine screech of their scream is better
than the piercing, peace-stealing hunk of city cars;

I miss walking barefoot on sand, close to the lip of the ocean where salt water kiss my
brown feet against white earth.

I long to return to the melody of raindrops on my roof;
to the undiluted freshness of dawn
free from fumes and disturbing city smell.

Short Takes # 7...Holman, Lane and Garcia: Their Works are now on Exhibition

The wait is over.  We appreciate and thank you for your patience. 

The fall 2012 aaduna galleries are now open.

Take some time and view the forceful and captivating art of Geoffrey Holman; the sublime nuances of Ashley Lane's photography and the graceful poignancy of Gladys Garcia's video on a place many of us have yet to visit. Here are some "short takes:"

"Holman’s images may bring to mind, the “street corner people’’ that Miles Davis and Prince captured in their music.  Like both musicians, Holman’s work has a gritty rhythm, fluidity, coolness and swagger just like the people who may live in your neighborhood." 

Click HERE to view Geoffrey's Exhibit in aaduna's Borders Gallery LANE
s "She often does not show faces to encourage her viewer to pay close attention to elemental body parts.  Instead of air brushing what may be termed “unattractive,” she highlights to a point of exaggeration." 

Click Here to View Ashley's Exhibit in aadun…

Did you have your APPLE today?

Not to worry, we have Shiela Applegate for you.Kelvin Ringold Sr. & Mariana Roberts, Photographers  As you may know, Ms. Applegate is a dedicated aaduna Board of Directors member, who is having her finished manuscript published in December 2012.  Last year, aaduna published excerpts from her manuscript, Enchanted One, most notably sections from “Chapter One:Love; Chapter Two: True Forgiveness, and Chapter Three: Remembering our Wholeness.”
Read Excerpts Here (aaduna Spring 2011 issue)

Click Here to View Book Trailer

Reserve your copy now - Visit: for details

aaduna's fall 2012 Cover Photo - Artist Statement

In the past few days, many readers asked for the meaning of the cover photo for aaduna's fall 2012 issue.  We contacted photographer, Yuge Zhou this past weekend who shared her  insight behind this particular photograph. Scroll Below.

Corruption of the modern Snow White 现代白雪公主的贪婪
"The poison of greed creates an inner hunger so that we always seem to be striving towards an unattainable goal. We mistakenly believe our happiness is dependent upon that goal, but once we attain it, we get no lasting satisfaction. Then once again, our greed and desire will arise, looking outside of ourselves for the next thing that will hopefully bring satisfaction. Influenced by greed, we are never content. Living in this material world, people are greedy and obsessed with material things. But eventually, no matter how beautiful or expensive the material things we have are, they can all be lost or taken in the blink of an eye." - Yuge Zhou
*** We are looking forward to featuring Yuge&…


PRESENTING... aaduna's fall 2012 issue ! WELCOME...aaduna si dofa rey (the world is huge)!

We rarely (if ever) preach, proselytize, whoop and holler or do self-serving testimonials.So, forgive this transgression of sorts. From Day One, we put in print aaduna’s position(s:)
The Purpose, Philosophy, and Objectives: To seek creative visionaries who find refuge and their sense of the world within the complexities and ironies of the written word, as well as those compelling visual images, which are lastingly impressionable….  aaduna will embrace novice, and emerging authors and artists who are seeking to expand, transition, or transform the current landscape of literary and artistic thinking.  It invites provocateurs, conceptualists, experimentalists, innovators, as well as traditionalists working within the realm of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and the visual arts…         Multicultural and pluralistic in its sensibilities and outlook, aaduna fully realizes that creative people of …

Short takes...# 6

It is human nature to forget past events whether there is tragedy or celebration. On today's date, October 23, in the years noted, the following occurred:
2011 Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi's autopsy reveals that he was killed by a gunshot wound to the head
2010 If trends in diet and exercise continue, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention project estimate 1 in 3 adult Americans will have diabetes by 2050
1991 Clarence Thomas, sworn in as Supreme Court Justice 1989 George Harrison releases "Best of Dark Horse 1976 - 1989" album 1983 Suicide terrorist truck bomb kills 241 U.S. personnel in Beirut 1973 Nixon agrees to turn over White House tape recordings to Judge Sirica 1947 NAACP petition on racism, "An Appeal to the World" presented to UN 1824 1st steam locomotive is introduced 1814 1st plastic surgery is performed (England) 1812 Failed coup against emperor Napoleon 1775 Continental Congress approves resolution barri…

Short Takes...# 5

“Monday, Monday” was the only number 1 hit in the U.S. for the classic group, The Mamas and the Papas.For some of us, today is more like "Blue Monday" a song popularized in a recording by Fats Domino in 1956. Whatever is your choice, this Monday is a good day!Why?'Cause you get to glimpse Holman; read a little McGinnis and reflect some on Torres.

Geoffrey D. Holmanis a renaissance man.  A published author, playwright, spoken word performance artist, visual artist and director of original theatre, he is working on a first novel, as well as a third collection of poetry and illustration. He is in the process of staging three new plays in New York City and various states. And just as important, Mr. Holman resides in The Bronx, New York, original home of aaduna’s publisher, bill berry.  His exhibition will be in the Borders Gallery.

Colin McGinnis is the type of person you want to invite …

Short Takes...# 4

Nuances: Sunday, Sunday…off to a champagne brunch with friends; taking a leisurely walk to admire the fall foliage; watching all day and evening football games at home or at a neighborhood spot; catching up on the latest movie; going to a museum or two or three; raking and bagging leaves; strolling through neighborhoods and window shopping.  Sunday…a very good day for an introduction to Michael, Rita, Unyierie and Ashley. Let’s get started.

Michael D. Brown from Syracuse, New York is teaching and living in China, where he ventured off to from California.He is an award-winning author and recently discovered aaduna.Our gain.In the fall issue, he contributed two poems, “Edgar Allen Poe's advice” and “Lineage.”Here is a brief excerpt from ‘Lineage:”

Half of me Native American, On both parents’ side; Imagine the odds of that. Half of me African American, On both parents’ side: I am considering a lottery ticket.


Short Takes...#3


Tamara J. Madison is no stranger to aaduna.Her subtle shadings of words woven into poignant tapestries of poetry have graced previous issues.She returns with 3 poems, “Reddenpoem for Sandra,” “Tongue Blade for A.S.” and “Duets.”We thought about teasing you with her nuanced words and rhythmic phrasings but you’ll have wait for Madison.It will be worth it!We promise.

Gladys Garcia was born in Puerto Rico and raised in The Bronx, New York. She has been in the technical support/computer field for the last 20 years.Due to an unexpected family decision, she found herself exploring the world of video.With reading, self-study and discipline, creating videos became her passion.See her work in the next issue as she explores a neighbor of the United States in the Penalver Gallery

Josefina Piñeyro began writin…

Short Takes... #2

Stephanie R. Stevens thinks her writing is a “bit wired and twisted.”  Her completed manuscript “Lucidity” does offer some of that self-assessment, as well as complex characters who delve in and out of reality and apparitions.  However, that is another story, for another time.  Her poem in aaduna’s fall 2012 issue starts out:
He sparkled in the dark and he's in my own mind. His words are more then a whisper his eyes are so much more then just a dream. And I know, I know I'm going to watch him come to life...

Tara Thierry is a musician and singer-songwriter. She met an aaduna contributor in a writing workshop and that poet [Cyd Fulton] encouraged Ms. Thierry to consider submitting her work to aaduna.The fall issue marks the first publication of her poetry.

Watch for “Who For Nina Simone with Dedication to Oy,” “Ride the Sky Ars Poetica” and “Worlds Collide”.The following teaser is an excerpt …