Short Takes # 7...Holman, Lane and Garcia: Their Works are now on Exhibition

The wait is over.  We appreciate and thank you for your patience. 

The fall 2012 aaduna galleries are now open. 

Take some time and view the forceful and captivating art of Geoffrey Holman; the sublime nuances of Ashley Lane's photography and the graceful poignancy of Gladys Garcia's video on a place many of us have yet to visit. Here are some "short takes:"

Title:  Don't Git It Twisted, Geoffrey D. Holman, Artist (c) 2012
 "Holman’s images may bring to mind, the “street corner people’’ that Miles Davis and Prince captured in their music.  Like both musicians, Holman’s work has a gritty rhythm, fluidity, coolness and swagger just like the people who may live in your neighborhood." 

Click HERE to view Geoffrey's Exhibit in aaduna's Borders Gallery 
"Untitled" - Ashley Lane, Photographer (c) 2012
 "She often does not show faces to encourage her viewer to pay close attention to elemental body parts.  Instead of air brushing what may be termed “unattractive,” she highlights to a point of exaggeration." 

Click Here to View Ashley's Exhibit in aaduna's Kuta Gallery 

"Havana Moments" - Gladys Garcia, Videographer (c) 2012
 "Gladys Garcia briefly explores and captures the subtleties and nuanced passions of the Cuban people in their environment.  She prompts the viewer to ponder what could be once all world governments embrace the island and boundaries are evaporated." 

Click Here to view Gladys' Video in the aaduna Penalver Gallery

Reflect on the work of Holman, Lane and Garcia.  And, tell your friends, colleagues and family about the vibrancy of these three artists and encourage them to visit; then click on current issue, and then galleries.  Help spread the word !