Did you have your APPLE today?

Not to worry, we have Shiela Applegate for you.

Sheila Applegate, (Photo Provided)

Kelvin Ringold Sr. & Mariana Roberts, Photographers

 As you may know, Ms. Applegate is a dedicated aaduna Board of Directors member, who is having her finished manuscript published in December 2012.  Last year, aaduna published excerpts from her manuscript, Enchanted One, most notably sections from “Chapter One:Love; Chapter Two: True Forgiveness, and Chapter Three: Remembering our Wholeness.”  

Read Excerpts Here (aaduna Spring 2011 issue)

Reserve your copy now - Visit: www.sheilaapplegate.com for details


  1. Thank You Bill for sharing my video with your readers! I am excited about the release of my book and grateful for all the support I receive from aaduna! Such an honor to be a part of aaduna magazine! Have you checked out my brand new website? www.sheilaapplegate.com !


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