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One enchanted evening...

Currently, as a small city resident who is a Bronx transplant originally from the diverse, bustling and never sleeping New York City, a significant part of my current creative sensibilities {over the past 22 years} have been focused, rightfully so, on local creatives who can easily be artistically engaging on a larger platform. 
Interestingly, there are two such creatives whose work prompt me to deal with my own emotional upheaval and exhilaration that I do not expect when I see their work.  I just wonder, how did these two individuals become a critical core of my imagination. How did two women ignite my sense of wonderment? How did two women, one African-American and one white Canadian create an upsurge in my appreciation for what creatives give to the public?
Without denigrating or lessening other creative and innovative folks who continue to spark our  imagination and help us to see the nuances and myriad complexities of life through their words, visual art, music, dance, etc., we sa…

"word, revisited" spring season ends with a FULL HOUSE!

When one door closes, usually another one opens. But what is important is the way, the grace and festive nature inherent in how that closing door eventually latches on to its hinge. Was it a graceful close? A thud in anger? A motion to get someone out or gently send that person on her/his way with grace and blessings?

The spring 2019 "word, revisited" literary season came to closure with Pam Freeman as the featured speaker.  Ms. Freeman exhibited an enchanting wit; presented enthralling poetic themes, and an ease of poetic delivery that wrapped her packed house audience in her embrace of endearments and cordiality.

This season closed with a blessed spirit. The fall 2019 season awaits its debut in September.

Ms. Freeman's creative grace and welcoming spirit brought a graceful and endearing closure to a compelling season of revitalizing and enticing words and wondrous open mic sharing.

To the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Auburn, NY literary zine Olive Trees, and the globa…