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When did yesterday become today...

Sometimes it is easier to let experiences transform from yesterday to today into futile grasps of the future, slipping quietly, dripping like time measured in slow motion... Moving toward places and remembered times when there was a comfort, an inner reaction that empowers the spirit to find harmony with the universe And the inner emotions of solace and peace. Sometimes it is best to embrace even as the letting go is simultaneous when the kindness and generosity of people met for the first time permeates and then evaporates into painful memories of  abandonment and exile. Yesterday became today when the avoidable omissions slams consciousness back into darkened depths of despair and toxic understanding. And at some point in time when relevancy is a notion of creativity and hope is the coming of the gods, acceptance is forged with strength; the eternal path becomes clearer, and more purposeful. Then it is easier. bill berry, jr. (c) 2015 With a saddened heart,