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In the Castle of My Forgetfulness…

This evening, aaduna, Inc. will host its 4 th annual fundraiser, and needless to say, this initiative inadvertently side-stepped, skipped over, collided with other critical issues.   I had been advised to not take on too many projects but my interest in promoting artists, and providing a platform superseded that advice.   Maybe I was wrong.   Maybe I filled the plate thinking I could handle the amount even as it slipped into a downward spiral. I will continue to learn from all my experiences.   So to this posting’s featured poet, I apologize for the delay after an earlier delay.   And the subtle brilliance of your words tell us that so much can be said and shared with so little conversation. Thank you Margarita. Experience her words. Here is Serafimova. T he sky was like that this morning – the sea was like an old photograph, grey, smooth, with slender ripples, and an eternal boat in it. **** On this cloudy day, the waves, seen from high above, had d