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Second Anniversary Issue Is Coming...

You have been patient. Some of you have nails that testify to that wait; others have made hairballs from cleaning combs and brushes.  We do not recommend detroying nails, cuticles or losing hair while waiting for anything!   We hope no one is binge eating although I can't get enough of certain foods to appease my nervous stomach or watching late night TV when there is no late night TV to watch.  My example should not be an example that anyone should follow.  With that said, I will not comment on the condition of my nails or those fuzzy balls rolling around my bathroom floor.      While waiting for the anniversary issue (the fiction section is being uploaded as I write, and then all pages have to be linked to a uniform composition... and then we do a final online proof etc. etc.,) I find myself doing much needed yardwork, walking along the pier adjacent to Owasco Lake, writing (that's right...writing...using paper and pen...remember that process?!,)  and reading back i

Auburn/Cayuga NAACP Freedum Fund Banquet -

Auburn , NY - The Auburn/Cayuga Branch of the NAACP will celebrate forty-six years of service to the Auburn community at its Annual Freedom Fund Banquet on Friday, May 10, 2013 at the Springside Inn. The 2013 Freedom Fund Banquet will be exciting, memorable and historic. The theme for the evening is “Harriet Tubman: The One Who Never Gave Up.” The event will reaffirm the group’s commitment to empower local youth and prepare them for a better future. This year, the branch will commemorate its connection to the oldest civil rights organization in America with a keynote address by retired news anchor for WSTM-TV and CNY Central, Jackie Robinson . This evening of elegance will begin with a performance by Louis Nocilly and his band JAZZITUDE during the cocktail hour. President and CEO of aaduna, inc., William E. Berry, Jr., will be the Master of Ceremonies. The highlight of the evening will be the presentation of recognition awards to community members and organizations, Promise