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We are reminded…


n times of crisis and societal upheaval when it appears that chaos and misinformation is fueled by fear and apprehension, insightful leaders and creatives in all aspects of human interactions step up and provide guidance, hope and the light at the end of the tunnel. These visionaries unselfishly bring society illumination, joy, hope and focused pathways to a brighter, stronger and bold future propelled by unlimited possibilities. 

Now, as April 2020 is infected by the worldwide ravages of COVID-19, creatives in various artistic genres have stepped to the “plate” with live streams, Facebook chats, blog postings, YouTube videos, commercial-free TV specials and “words” exclaimed in online and print periodicals to help us weather this unexpected health threat.

While it has been an American tradition since 1996, April remains National Poetry Month in the United States. Introduced by the Academy of American Poets, this April tradition has become global in its impact and generated continuous …