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Being Blessed…a conversation with poet and writer, Tamara J. Madison...don't miss it!

 Tamara J. Madison    In her words:   We had lots of trees and an old school neighborhood with porch parties and the accompanying record player with card games, jacks, and hair braiding as a standard.    My realities of racism and prejudice are quite vivid, quite. Hedgebrook was also a wonderful opportunity for me to care for myself and breathe.   Having my own cottage with lunch left on my doorstep daily in a covered basket was a dream!   I performed spoken word organically before I knew there was such a thing as “spoken word” as an art form.   Don’t miss the entire interview with Tamara J. Madison available now at and get the opportunity to read “Barren”, poetic fiction dedicated to the 400 victims of the syphilis experiment and a new poem in progress, “Belly of Angel: Fallen”. Her work , "Melisma" will be featured in printed and audio versions as part of aaduna's  Fall 2011 issue slated for launch on October 3rd

It is that time of year....

Have you noticed that it is getting dark earlier?  And while Labor Day is not the seasonal end to summer, for many of us, it offcially denotes a time to start a transition especially if you have children in school or college.  David Bergan, BOA President & Bill Berry Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up with David Bergan, who is the aaduna Board of Advisors president.  While not an aaduna event, the "clambake" was a lot of fun with insightful and humorous conversation, great food, and wonderful atmosphere. David Bergan, Lisa Brennan, and Joan Bergan-LaRock While I should take today off, I'll work some this afternoon.  The Fall 2011 Issue requires some attention...maybe while I watch a movie or two with stove popped popcorn, of course!