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Alok, Alok Alok…teasing.

As we prepare the summer issue for a late launch, you need to get ready.Here is a sampler from work by Alok Bhardwaj.

I tried to save
Bored Couples
Fallen Women
Satan Worshippers
Abandoned Children
Homeless Derelicts
Abused Men
Abused Women
And so many others
Without very much luck
I got tipsy with the drunks
I failed to charm prostitutes with love poetry
Out of politeness I invoked demonic spirits
Talking up life’s adventure I drove spouses from boredom to adultery
Check out the rest of this poem and other works by Alok.Coming soon.

Are you ready to be teased?

Are you ready to let words drift over your consciousness and wrap your emotions in a road trip that may never end?
Are you woman or man enough to enter a world that knows no boundaries or limits or constraints? Do you dare?
Are you ready for the wonder of magic of what you think you know while your thinking and perceptions are morphed…maybe challenged by someone you don’t know?
It starts tomorrow.

Are you ready to be teased?