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From reflection to normalcy and then onward to being able to roar again….

The passing of Keith Leonard had a profound affect on aaduna .   His spark, wit, graciousness, joie de vivre, and savoir faire framed most people’s initial contact with the journal.   While his spirit will continue to permeate what we do, we also know he would want us to get back to normalcy; “forget him,” and start to roar like we did when he was around.   Well, Leonard will not be forgotten.   While we are not quite ready to really roar, rest assured, we are moving back to normalcy at least at the hectic, controlled purposefulness, random craziness, and getting on each other’s nerves the way that we thrive on when getting an issue ready for launch. In a few weeks, you will be gently placed on words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs, and experience images that will have you travel to various and intriguing levels of your imagination.   The summer-fall 2015 issue contributing poets are Bruce Ellis Alford           Hammond