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The PiTCH…and we aren’t talking baseball!

Blasphemous, unimaginable, heresy…using a baseball term especially during the USA’s Fourth of July holiday weekend, which is a time for cook-outs, beaches, fireworks, baseball, music fests, and family visits. But we have good reason to “borrow” a baseball term especially when The PiTCH is its own entity in the Finger Lakes region of central New York State. The PiTCH , in its 5th season, is the brainchild of The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival based in Auburn, NY. This stripped down, limited run theatrical experience gives “writers and composers an opportunity to let their ideas take root and grow…..the creative team behind a new musical will “pitch” their new show….” to an audience. Joshua Katzker, PiTCH coordinator shares what an audience will see: Joshua Katzker, PiTCH coordinator You are going to see the writers themselves presenting a condensed version of their new musical. Staging, costuming, props, and sets will be minimal. The idea is for you to

Hiding and Revealing…without one, there cannot be the other.

While Greek muralist,   Ino elects to exist in anonymity, his work permeates Grecian landscapes with his interpretations of classic Greek images. His creative work is recognized worldwide even as he hides his identity. His work is recognizable with his simple signature, “Ino” with the “o” darkened the way some contemporary election ballots are now completed in order to be counted.  Man With No Name - INO Visual Artist - Video aaduna elects not to hide its contributors in veils of anonymity. It is important for us to extol the work and personality of contributors…to bring to our readership the creative work and the person behind it in order to enhance the contributor’s path to reaching even larger audiences. Ino works “large” with grand fantastic murals that engulf buildings. aaduna works small with words and images that intrigue with a vibrant force to shape and influence the reader’s sense of her/himself in a moment…in a day…in a memory n

Okay, it is Sunday morning, grab that cup of…

whatever jolts your day into reality, kick starts your brain to make sense of your Saturday night behavior, sparks your thoughts as to how you want to spend the day…the day before you re- enter your world of work come tomorrow.  Tim Snyder (photo provided) Tim Snyder has the ability to get juices revved up and flowing every which way through his writing. His gritty, unwavering telling of stories reveals the rawness of human emotions and the conflicts that people routinely got through taking others along with them for tumultuous life journeys. So, grab that libation; sit back, and read an excerpt from his story “Johnny and Mini” currently featured in aaduna’s spring 2016 anniversary issue , and then “read the complete story and his bio in that issue. And by the way, “Johnny and Mini” is an excerpt from Tim’s debut novel, Berserker.  J ohnny and Mini had been together for nearly seven months now. At 35 years old, Johnny’s dating history before Mini was lacklu