Hiding and Revealing…without one, there cannot be the other.

While Greek muralist, Ino elects to exist in anonymity, his work permeates Grecian landscapes with his interpretations of classic Greek images. His creative work is recognized worldwide even as he hides his identity. His work is recognizable with his simple signature, “Ino” with the “o” darkened the way some contemporary election ballots are now completed in order to be counted. 

Man With No Name - INO Visual Artist - Video


aaduna elects not to hide its contributors in veils of anonymity. It is important for us to extol the work and personality of contributors…to bring to our readership the creative work and the person behind it in order to enhance the contributor’s path to reaching even larger audiences. Ino works “large” with grand fantastic murals that engulf buildings. aaduna works small with words and images that intrigue with a vibrant force to shape and influence the reader’s sense of her/himself in a moment…in a day…in a memory nestled in the corners of our psyche.

With that spirit of creative exploration, we present Yuge Zhou whose work is not limited by size or space.

Please go to www.aaduna.org and witness her cover visual image and follow the directions to view the video installation. Witness the fluidity of her installation, The diverse images of movement. The multi-faceted directions of her creative sensibilities. Read her bio. And if Chicago, Illinois, USA is in your future, then make sure you go see Yuge's work, "To afar the water flows,” a video projection onto relief sculpture in the Unfolded: Made with Paper exhibition (April 5, 2016–July 30, 2016) at the Chicago Design Museum.

Ino…Zhou…both artists are birthed by their desire to enhance and shape their environment and compel us to embrace their artistic journeys.

Yuge Zhou (photo provided)

Yuge is accessible. We can observe the glint in her eyes; hear the nuances of her voice as she shares her artistic vision; witness the lithe movements of her arms and hand gestures as she explains the expanse of her work.
We will continue to embrace and extol the complexity of Yuge's work and the images that she projects from her secret places even as we recognize those artists who bring us gifts from their hidden enclaves.

If you have been following aaduna, those of you may remember Yuge Zhou's digital photography, “Corruption of the modern Snow White” which graced the cover page of aaduna’s fall 2012 issue:

Photographer, Yuge Zhou "Corruption of the Modern Snow White," cover photo, aaduna fall 2012 issue. (c) 2012

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