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Today, this Wednesday…Of ashes and Of hearts…

We recognize the sacred beliefs of many in our community as Lent starts, as well as the St. Valentine’s story that engulfs this day, however it is actualized. You can research the Roman priest, the emperor Claudias, 3 rd century AD, the martyrdom, the honoring, February 14 th , the Christian Church…the reality, the fables, the commercialization of this day…Today is not just another Wednesday. With that said, aaduna will do what it does best…present creative work. A Poem for Valentine’s Day 20-chai by Daniel Ross Goodman Pleasanter than sugar, finer than wine, with beautiful middot and a soul most divine, amiable and cheerful, and sunny and humble, when she was diverted to Harrisburg she didn’t even grumble; unselfish and considerate, and sensitive and caring, she embodies the virtue of constantly sharing; loving to her family and joyful with her friends, the boundar