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In a Joyous Mood…Say it loud…

aaduna is ready to roar! This month…a   special 2020 double issue with intriguing stories- real and imagined; riveting poetry that surprises and prompts reflection; poignant visual images that captures who we are, and not. Here are snippets from two fiction contributors whose work will be featured in the upcoming issue scheduled for launch in late June.   Benjamin Smart (photo provided) Benjamin Smart’s “The Sirens” I come up the drive, turn off onto the field towards the pit. Peering into the side mirror again, I see the derelict trailer bouncing with brush behind me. Today my job is to cut down and haul trees from along the riverbed to a pit across the property. Dad’s getting drunk alone at home. He’s a late stage alcoholic, and I’ll do this type of work my whole life, same as him, until for one reason or another, some beat-up part of me won’t allow it.   Dr. Nagueyalti Warren (photo provided) Dr. Nagueyalti Warren’s   Husband of her Youth Jamila had just finished fe