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When Three is Better than One!

Audiences tend to extoll the solo performance by a creative person and celebrate that accomplishment.   However, there are times when a group built on individual creativity comes together to provide a different and intriguing experience.   So, as summer starts to stretch its legs, we thought three would be better than one! Baker/Miller/Lalit Murali Enjoy the poems from Ethan, Joyce and Nitin. ***** Ethan Baker: Black Hole Language Contained in alabaster, wrapped with humming glass sheath, words diminish from molasses tongue, falling dead to sleeping ear as the white noise corrupts the echo, exhaling fragility.  Ethan Baker (photo provided) Ethan Baker graduated cum laude from California State University, Long Beach in 2014 with a degree in English: Creative Writing and Literature. His work has appeared in the student-run magazine called the Union Weekly and in aaduna’s spring 2017 issue . In his spa