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Barr & Berry…bill & Blyss

She is a rising and emerging poet and writer.

He rarely reads his work in public.

She possesses a quiet dynamism and inclusive spirit.

He tantalizes and lets loose his words to capture his emotional roller-coaster.

She is Yin.

Welcome to spring 2019...although...

in Central New York, which is the upstate region of New York State, there was significant snow yesterday that eventually melted in the warmth of the Tuesday afternoon.

So today, Wednesday, starts the calendar spring. Surely, it is an indicator that the next issue of aaduna is looking forward to burst forward when spring is really sprung! 

We will keep you updated as to our progress, and are planning a new and typically exciting issue release in mid-late May when spring is REALLY spring! LOL.

If spring is really spring where you live, then good for you! ENJOY the transition from one season to the next. Some of us will play catch up!