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Going Public

aaduna notes was started to provide our board advisors, creative team, and supporters with updates as to the publication's development.  From the onset, aaduna notes has been an invitation-only, private blog. That is about to change. As aaduna approaches the Spring/Summer 2011 Issue launch on June 6th and submissions continue to come in from around the globe, we have to look at all possible ways to market and promote the publication.  Enabling our reading audience and casual blog searchers to keep abreast of what is happening "behind the scenes" and "between" issues can be a vital way to keep readers connected to aaduna .  With guest bloggers, more photos, and links to other networks, the reach of aaduna notes can be expanded.      aaduna notes will forego its invitation-only, private shell for an open access approach that will enable anyone who wants to follow us the capability to do just that.  This transition will start tomorrow, June 4th. And we

Narayan Interview

Visit; put cursor on e-zine, then e-viewpoints, and then click on my discussion with Sunil Narayan.  Enjoy the read.  Have a good weekend. bill